Word formation, grammar and lexicology
Contrastive, multilingual and comparative-historical perspectives
Maria Carmela Benvenuto, Jens E. Braarvig, Flavia Pompeo, Adriano V. Rossi & Velizar Sadovski (Hrsg.)

Indogermanische Textlinguistik, Poetik und Stilistik 4 (ITPS 4)

2020 · kartoniert · 360 Seiten

ISBN 978-3-935536-27-1

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In the last decades, there has been a remarkable amount of research into the interdependence of word formation, grammar and lexicology. The present book is a first attempt to sum up the results of ongoing projects in intra- and interlinguistic contexts. Its main aims are to analyze problems regarding the tension between intrinsic language change and language interference and to address the need to use methods of synchronic and historical linguistics in the domains of derivation and compounding. This collection of papers originated with an international congress held in Rome in 2019 and convened by the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, in co-operation with the Multilingualism Research Group (simultaneously being the Seventeenth Conference of this international organization), the Austrian Academy of Sciences, the ISMEO Association, and the Norwegian Institute of Philology. The book comprises eighteen articles and three essays that cover a wide range of languages from different families (Indo-European and Semitic) as well as two isolate languages, Sumerian and Elamite. The papers deal with three main areas of interest: word-formation from a comparative viewpoint, word-formation in various language contact settings, and word-formation in the dialectic interplay between derivational morphology, lexical history, underlying syntax and phraseology, as well as from the perspective of sociolinguistics and cultural history.