Festschrift for Václav Blažek
Harald Bichlmeier, Ondřej Šefčík, Roman Sukač (Hrsg.)

Studien zur historisch-vergleichenden Sprachwissenschaft 14 (SHVS 14)

2020 · kartoniert · 449 Seiten

ISBN 978-3-935536-42-4

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Václav Blažek is one of the most prolific diachronic linguists of the last decades, renowned above all for his etymological studies of Indo-European, Afroasiatic, Chadic, Siberian, Uralic and many other language families of the world. He has also conducted extensive research in lexicostatistics, glottochronology, and onomastics as well as language contact. The present volume is a festschrift presented in Professor Blažek’s honour by colleagues from 14 countries, with a short biography and comprehensive bibliography of his publications. The papers reflect the honorand’s many contributions to the development of historical linguistics and cover topics ranging from etymology, language contact, linguistic typology, functional analysis, and onomastics to general problems of linguistics and the history of the discipline.