vácāmsi miśrā krṇavāmahai
Proceedings of the international conference of the Society for Indo-European Studies and IWoBA XII, Ljubljana 4–7 June 2019, celebrating one hundred years of Indo-European comparative linguistics at the University of Ljubljana
Luka Repanšek – Harald Bichlmeier – Velizar Sadovski (Hrsg.)

Studien zur historisch-vergleichenden Sprachwissenschaft 17 (SHVS 17)

2020 · kartoniert · 731 Seiten

ISBN 978-3-935536-26-4

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The present volume is a critically focused celebration of the methodology of comparative Indo-European linguistics and the issues intimately connected with the reconstruction of Proto-Indo-European, focusing on morphology (word forma¬tion, inflection), phonology (root-structure, accentology), semantics, lexis, as well as language contact with non-Indo-European languages. Thirty-nine contributions by forty-one Indo-Europeanists deal with numerous different aspects of the historical grammar of Albanian, Anatolian, Armenian, Balto-Slavic, Germanic, Greek, Indo-Iranian, Italic, and Celtic. They also touch on the Indo-Uralic question and the problem of Old European hydronymy. More specifically, the subjects discussed include non-numerical quantification, pragmatics, continuity vs. areal development, gender assignment, etymology, poetics, problems in reconstruction, and re-evaluations of language-specific sound laws and sound-correspondences.